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Is Concrete A Good Choice for a Parking Lot?

November 7, 2019

Is Concrete A Good Choice for a Parking Lot?

November 7, 2019

You are looking to add a new driveway or parking lot to your business facility and are having a hard time deciding on the material that you want to use. Have you ever considered the best concrete Tennessee has to offer? Though you may think that asphalt is more common, this paving option provides a surprising array of benefits that more than making it worth your consideration.

Great for Hot Weather Areas

Although you may not see a lot of concrete driveways in cold areas, they are widespread in warmer regions like Tennessee. Why is that the case? Asphalt is better for more freezing temperatures because it doesn’t react as heavily to the cold as other paving options. By contrast, though, asphalt is very poor for hot areas because it not only collects heat but can also start to melt in very extreme temperatures.

Thankfully, cement parking lots don’t experience the same problem. Their lighter color and texture means that they won’t attract as much heat as asphalt. Even better, they won’t reflect as much back into the air either. As a result, cement parking lots are usually softer to the touch and more comfortable to tolerate. This benefit is significant if you want a parking lot that will last for years to come.

Even better, cement won’t react to heat like asphalt. This means that it won’t get gooey or lose its consistency in the heat. That said, there are some problems that cement may cause due to its reactions to cold temperatures. These will be discussed in more depth later. For now, just know that colder areas often don’t go well with cement and that you may want asphalt if you live in these spots.

Lower Maintenance Needs

All parking lot paving materials will need some maintenance to keep them secure. That fact is just a part of life as a business owner and is one that you can’t escape even with newer space-age materials. You will likely have to do a lot of cleaning, add sealants, manage cracks, and perform other types of repairs in your parking lots over the years. It’s just something that can’t be avoided.

By contrast to many types of paving materials, concrete has a longer lifespan and requires very little maintenance. While you will have to do a little to keep it in great shape, the amount is much lower than it would be for options like asphalt. For example, you typically just need to add a little joint sealer and clean the surface at least once or twice a year to ensure that your cement parking lot is active.

While you can add items like total surface sealant and more, you don’t need them the way that you do with asphalt and other paving choices. While asphalt has many great benefits that make it an excellent choice for parking lots, it does have a higher tendency to get damaged. Water, temperature changes, and more will impact it much more than cement. As a result, it needs maintenance that cement does not.

Broader Design Options

While asphalt and other paving options do have some design choices that make them beneficial, concrete is much more diverse. For example, a parking lot of cement is available in light whites, grays, blacks, and even reds. The easy diversification of this material makes it an excellent choice for those who want a parking lot that not only looks great but which also stays strong for years to come.

You can also achieve a broader array of textures with this paving. For example, stamps can help to not only make your parking lot more attractive but also to expand your brand. This factor is essential to consider if you want to stand out from others in your area. Branding on stamped cement parking lots will spread your logo and make you a company that’s hard to miss.

Even better, you can use leftover cement from paving your driveway to create unique structures and various designs. These items can help your parking lot stand out even more. Compared to asphalt and other paving options, your choices here are potentially limitless. You just need to have the patience to go through this process and choose the right texture and color for your parking lot needs.

When It Isn’t a Good Option

Although concrete is often one of the best paving options for a driveway, there are times when it is not suitable. These situations vary depending on a person’s needs and that of their business. For example, while this paving choice is better in hot weather than asphalt, the latter is better for cold. Unfortunately, cement driveways will experience bitter cold and may crack without protection.

You may also want to go with asphalt if the cost is an issue for you. While cement isn’t expensive per se, it does cost more than asphalt. As a result, many people with limited budgets turn to this option over cement. The ultimate choice lies with you, as cement is probably more durable but will also cost you more to install and, importantly, maintain.

Which brings us to the last point: maintenance. While asphalt will experience some damage due to shifting sands, cement driveways are more prone to this issue. As a result, you should probably avoid this type of parking lot if your soil is loose or not quite supportive enough. Otherwise, cement is often the better choice over asphalt, though, as always, the benefits vary depending on the situation.

Who to Turn to For Great Pavement

So if you want the best concrete in Tennessee and need a professional who you can trust, please contact us today at Mid-State Paving to learn more. Our experts have worked with this material for years and know how to make it work for your needs. If necessary, we can find another paving option that works better for you. Our dedication is ensuring that you are satisfied with our work.

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